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Azula vs Aang

Azula was able to catch Aang again and brought Aang to her own private quarters. But Azula decides to have a sex with Aang before throwing him in the prison. Azula is naked and Aang can see her big boobs and round faces. Azula moves forward and suckers Aang's large body, before getting on the top of Aang. Azula then jumps up on Aang until he chows. Azula will then give Aang her salivato lubricate his cock for the next sexual experience. She makes him suck on her nipples, and her lips are smacked by desire. Azula loves sucking Aang’s cock, and does so until she is able to chow right into her once more. Aang is unable to resist, but Azula informs him that he must please his master.

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Arching Break

Aang will get the rare opportunity today to take one-on-one lessons with a highly experienced teacher. The reality that Aang and his friends are on vacation is going to make things easier. There is a quiet and non-public beach nearby which will be the ideal place for Aang to hold his next class.

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