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At the beginnings

People who live in cold areas need to be able to take on a variety of tasks in order to keep warm. Katara and Sokka obviously aren't exceptions. The only difference is that they've chosen not only the most efficient but the most pleasant ways – they are fucking each and every time they are having the chance! Oh, and now they have an avatar Aang travelling with the group…

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Avatar – Between the scenes

Katara was asleep with her twin brother Sokka and they had a sex session early in the morning. Katara, naked, lay down on a big pimple. She began jumping onto it and moaning. Sokka took the initiative to piss and knelt right on top of Katara, so that he could kiss her lips. Then Sokka placed Katara in cancerand fucked her up in her pussy and then finished with her chest. Enjoy comics.

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