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Avatar – Between the scenes

Katara was asleep with her twin brother Sokka and they had a sex session early in the morning. Katara, naked, lay down on a big pimple. She began jumping onto it and moaning. Sokka took the initiative to piss and knelt right on top of Katara, so that he could kiss her lips. Then Sokka placed Katara in cancerand fucked her up in her pussy and then finished with her chest. Enjoy comics.

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Teach me how to Ground Pound

Topf and Aang met in a cave. Topf has different plans however, and they decide to try Earth Magic. She dresses up during the training and seduces Aang. Topf began sucking on Aang’s fat ball and massaging his thighs. But Aang didn’t finish. He just wanted to fuck Topf. Aang said he wanted to do it again and repeatedly. He then fucked her into the pussy. Topf groaned as Topf lay on her stomach. Aang had fucked her cunt. Now you can read the comic.

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Avatar the Last Jizzbender

This is the way to achieve the success you desire. Katara knows this rule well! So even when she is enjoying a day at the beach with the company of her friends , she’s not likely to stop practicing her waterbending abilities… and even when the party is set to transform into orgy she is still going to keep using them to boost enjoyment!

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Between siblings

The true fans of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” should be familiar with it, but Prince Zuko is about to find out that Princess Azula is skilled in manipulating other people. And it is not only about how she deals with her many enemies as well as the unique methods she uses to keep those few ones who are close to her…

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Avatar XXX – At the night of Ba Sing Se

The universe of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is very much like ours. If both a man and woman enjoy a romantic evening it’s similar: The more magical the guy makes this evening to be, the quicker she will get naked! The man is in such a state of chaos that his girlfriend is ready to take off his clothes and let him fuck her now!

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Cumbustion Girls

In this comic parody, your most loved chicks from the “Avatar: The last Airbender” series will be able to explore a completely new power – the power of anal fingering and fisting! Of course, there are other intriguing techniques as well yet only these two techniques will turn them into the most powerful lesbian bithces that only the world of four magical nations has ever witnessed!

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Bending Katara

Now when Princess Azula has got Katara under her total and complete control, she will be able to finally have the freedom to do whatever she wants! First, she needs to divulge her secret The princess Aazula may have the largest pussy lips in all of the kingdom. The sound is kinky, unusual but as you will see in the near future, it has certain preferences…

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The Last Jizzbender – Book Hard-core 2

The second chapter of Book Of Hard-Core will give more details about the special methods Suki and her partner will employ to boost Aang’s power. For his fellow friends then they are not going to be bored either that will be fascinating to all fans of the Sokka-Toph pairing for sure… or for anyone who enjoys colorful hentai parodies in comic book format!

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The Last Jizzbender 1 [rus]

Being the master of one of four elements is quite fun and in this comicsyou will see that these abilities can be employed not only in combat but also in sexual sex! Already familiar cast of main characters from “Avatar The Last Airbender” will teach you how water waves or rocks can be used in order to expand the sexual sex time and increase the variety!

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Avatar Bending Katara

Katara will not be lacking sexual experience after tonight however she’ll need to make a lot of effort and help more than one man in order to master the art of being an slut. She will initially be confused however she’ll eventually be involved and offer the good sucking herself. If only she would remember about proper protection…

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